You and Me, My Little One.


the struggle between “i’m too lazy to shave my legs plus it’s a nice fuck you to gender expectations” and “i want legs as smooth as baby dolphins” is so real

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Haven’t posted a picture of my little lovie lately.Here she is! Grown up, and SO beautiful.

Haven’t posted a picture of my little lovie lately.
Here she is! Grown up, and SO beautiful.

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My sweet one.Miss you guys. 

My sweet one.
Miss you guys. 

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I’m still alive! 
We just…still don’t have the internet.

I miss you guys. Soon.
Christopher is getting a new job this month.

Also, we’re trying to have another little one, so send your positive baby-making vibes.

Oh, Tumblr.  

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I enjoy how anytime someone uses an example of a ‘judgey’ parent, they always use attachment or natural parents. That’s not judgmental of you at all…

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I’m having a pretty bad day. 

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I literally have to get this for Madeline.Are you kidding me? A hippo robe? Why does everything have to be so precious? 

I literally have to get this for Madeline.
Are you kidding me? A hippo robe? Why does everything have to be so precious? 

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Took little miss to the zoo today.
It was simply gorgeous outside, and I’ve been wanting to get out all week since my car is getting worked on. We took the train into Dallas, and Madeline had such a fun time. The ride was a little over an hour, and she stayed seated the whole time. I’m assuming it’s because of the wonderful blur of colors she saw out the window. I remembered that I left my stroller in my car, so we rented a little safari jeep buggy (it was precious), and carted her around until we got to the giraffes. She was so excited to see them, I was just so happy to see her just exploding with joy. I’m being so positive right now. Look at all the positive words I’m using. Oh, man. We just had a really good time. She fed a baby giraffe some lettuce, and it was really just a great day. I’m freaking exhausted, though.

In another note: MADELINE’S POTTY TRAINED. Yayyyyyyy! I’m so proud of her. I’m proud of her every day. Getting to be so close to her, and watch her learn has been the most beautiful gift. I love her. She is my whole heart. 

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Oh, heyyyyyyy flamingos!

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My little miss. <3

My little miss. <3

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Lately I’ve been pretty bad about documenting all the things that we’ve been up to. I realize that I’ll probably regret that, so here I am. Since we moved we’ve been filling up our time with trips to the park to feed the ducks. She always makes a friend or two at the park, and she loves to go down the big slides. 
This girl, this smart little love of mine, she can sing the whole ABC song.
She cares so much about nature, about all the trees and flowers. We watched as they took the rest of the tree from our yard, and talked about how it was sick. She was sad to see it go, and she blew it kisses.
We read, we went to Whole Foods, we went to the park, and the three of us just really enjoyed each other’s company.
Christopher crashed the moment we got home. Seriously, he’s been sleeping since 8. I was hoping to spend some alone time with him since it’s his last off day. Oh well. She had some baked chicken poppers with ranch (she loves to dip) and pears with cinnamon. I haven’t eaten today. I am usually an absolute walrus, I need to get on that. We had a lovely snuggle bath, and she fell asleep almost immediately after I put her pajamas on.   

Today, she told me she loves me in sign language. 
It was the first time she’s said “I love you” without one of us saying it first, or showing her how in sign language.
Today, I am the happiest person I know.  

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Oh! Hello there, little one!

Oh! Hello there, little one!

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This fine Sunday evening calls for a nice game of Skyrim in my undies. 
I miss you guys.

We’re all doing well. Well, in our own special way.
Yesterday a tree fell on my house and damaged our roof, and we’re still having issues with financial aid, but these things are petty to us now that we’re finally all together. So much love. Finally. 

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